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Spectrum Illumination LED Standard Back Lights come in small 2” x 2” through standard 22” x 28” sizes. Custom sizes are available. Direct lit Back Lights have hundreds of SMT LED’s with a standard 4 pin industrial connector. Back Lights come in 24 Volt DC for the industrial environment. These sturdy lights are housed in a durable industrial grade material and aluminum enclosure. Back Lights can be strobed or continuous for the output. Available in Red, White, Blue, Green and Infrared versions.  Monster Back Lights are up to 5 times brighter than Standard Series back lights.

Conveyor Back Lights are a direct fit & approved for QC Conveyors.  Available in 2” x 2” to 12” x 12” lighted area sizes (3″ x 3″x .775″ to 13″ x 13″ x .775″ – Conveyor Opening Dimensions). Back lights are used in a wide variety of machine vision applications to provide contrast for part inspection or robot orientation. The contrast from the back light allows for better resolution from the vision system than reflective lighting can provide.

See QC Conveyor AS40 Backlight Conveyors

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Custom sizes available, contact us for more information.