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E-Series Linear Lights

E-Series Lights

The E-Series was developed to provide a superior high output light at a reasonable price. Our main focus with this line was to design a cost-effective product with our superior technology. This line was specifically targeted at users who are likely new to machine vision or perhaps are working with a more limited budget when it comes to their lighting needs. The E-Series lights contain our built-in patented micro driver technology with auto-burst meaning you don’t need an external driver. This burst feature maximizes the output intensity of the LED(s) while maintaining optimum LED life and allowing our customers to avoid the purchase of costly aftermarket strobe controllers or a single-purpose overdrive light source. But we didn’t stop there, these lights also allow users to control the intensity manually with a built-in potentiometer. In addition, the E-Series lights also have power, strobe, and temperature indicator LEDs which make their use a breeze and protect them from overheating.

Utilizing an all-in-one aluminum circuit board/housing design minimizes thermal losses between substrates meaning there is less color shift and longer LED life than our competitors. Need more convincing? These lights are also the lightest lights in machine vision, making them extremely robot-friendly.

Our E-Series lights are available in 4 sizes and a variety of colors:

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