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Demo Program

Are you considering Spectrum Illumination lighting for your next project, but unsure what will work? You’re in the right place then. Spectrum Illumination continues to provide customers with the demo products they need to test out new applications. This page answers some of the common questions people have about our demo program.

How does it work?

Call our team today at 231-894-4590 or fill out our contact us form here to talk about your application/demo needs. We’ll provide you with a recommendation on what light may work for your project. Then after approval from us, we’ll work with you and a distributor of your choice to get a demo going. Usually, within 1-2 weeks a demo light will be able to ship out. You’ll then have 30 days to test the light out and see if it works.

What do I do when I’m done with the light?

If the light didn’t work for your application or your project is delayed you’ll want to send the demo unit back to us. To ensure that the return goes smoothly you’ll need to call or use the contact us form here to request an RMA for credit. An RMA form will then be emailed to you. Please send this back with your demo unit. Once the light is returned it’ll go through a quick inspection and then a credit will be issued back to the distributor/customer.

How many demos are allowed?

We do not limit the number of demos per customer, but we do ask that you demo only one light at a time. Exceptions are made for applications that may require more than one light or when more than one project is being tested out at a time.