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New UV Optics Available

The amount of lens choices available for UV lights has been fairly limited until now. With the formerly high costs of UV LEDs, the demand for such lenses was not enough to encourage manufacturers to produce more options. However, as the prices for UV LEDs decreased the affordability of UV lighting for machine vision rose, and with that, the need for more UV optics grew.

For certain inspections involving plastics, paints, glues, etc. UV lighting is still the best machine vision solution. Our UV lights, currently available in 365nm and 395nm (custom wavelengths available upon request) are often used in fluorescence applications. As UV lights became more popular many customers began requesting a tighter lighting pattern than our reflector lenses could offer. Reflector lenses were one of the only choices for UV when machine vision lighting began because they didn’t block UV light, today, advances in the industry have allowed us to increase our UV lens options. Applications requiring UV will now have four stock lens options to choose from: our standard 60-degree reflectors, 90-degree reflectors, and our new 12-degree and line optics (also available, but not stocked at this time are 30-degree optics). The new optics are perfect for projects that require both UV and a tight light pattern. For information regarding all our available lens options please check out our complete spec sheet here.

MLUV-12 (12-degree optics for UV)

 UV 12-degree Optics Spectrum IlluminationUV 12-degree Optics Light Pattern Spectrum Illumination

MLUV-L (line optics for UV)

UV Line Optics Spectrum IlluminationUV Line Optics Light Pattern Spectrum Illumination

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