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New Segmented Lighting

MDL29.25 (4-Segment)

Custom Lighting Solutions

As specialists in custom lighting solutions, we’ve recently seen more interest in segmented or photometric stereo lighting. This type of lighting is able to bring out features that were not possible with a single-source light. What makes these segmented lights special is that they allow users to control each of the 4 sections of the light individually. As a result, it enhances certain aspects of an image allowing them to detect defects that would not be possible with a standard single-source light. Spectrum Illumination now offers this 4-segment option in several of our standard models.

Dome Lights

In our Monster Domes Lights, we can do our DL85, MDL12.25, and MDL29.25 (shown in the image above). The dome models are particularly useful when working with a shiny or reflective part. This is because they use indirect lighting to create a uniform illumination over the area of inspection.

Ring LightsMRL5.5 (4-Segment)

In our Monster Ring Lights, we can do our MRL5.5 (shown in the image below), MRL13.5, and MRL30.5. Ring lights are considered a bright field illuminator. They are often used for direct lighting where they would be aimed at an object to create distinct shadows. This type of lighting is particularly effective when used on objects requiring high degrees of contrast.

Another ring light, the RL/DF series, is available in two sizes: 4 inches (RL/DF4) or 8 inches (RL/DF8) and can be ordered to control the 4-segments individually or all as one unit. What makes SI lights special is that anything we sell can be customized to your specific needs and application. If you require a custom LED wavelength or specific CRI in a 4 segmented light or in any light in our product lineup we’re the perfect fit for you.

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