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Monster Brain

MBC Series

Monster Brain Ethernet Controller

The Monster Brain is an Ethernet controller that was designed to control our LDM, VLDM and ALDM Adapters. Every Adapter (Revision H and up) was designed to connect to the Monster Brain through a DIN rail bus connector in the back of the unit. The Monster Brain was designed with an embedded web server so that software is not necessary. The end user only needs to connect an Ethernet cable, open their internet browser, type in the IP address and the programming interface window opens. The Monster Brain can be used as a standalone unit or can be connected to a network. The Monster Brain gives the end user the ability to program up to 63 different product ID’s (0-62) and recall them either through simple ASCII commands or hardwired binary inputs. Product ID number 63 is reserved for a function that loops through all of the products making it possible to have multiple timing and intensity levels of each channel with only one trigger signal input. The end user also has the flexibility to change any parameters on the Monster Brain using simple ASCII command strings. Flexibility was foremost in our minds when designing the Monster Brain. We designed it so the end user has 4 separate user configurable channels that can have multiple LDM, VLDM or ALDM modules on each channel. The channels can be configured as 4 strobe and 0 analog, 3 strobe and 1 analog, 2 strobe and 2 analog or 1 strobe and 3 analog. The four different channels give the end user the ability to set the number of pulses, pulse duration, pulse delays and current outputs. The Monster Brain also has 2 camera strobe outputs. The 2 camera strobe outputs are designed for applications that require the light to be at full intensity before acquiring an image. The Monster Brain is the most compact and versatile LED lighting controller in the Machine Vision Lighting Market.