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TriPod – Discont’d

TriPod lights have been discontinued, please see the recommended replacements below:

MSP1.25 Spotlight 

ES40 Spotlight

XS40 Spotlight

If these won’t fit your needs, please contact us for other  options.

The Tripod’s unique triangular design makes it possible for the end user to configure the lights to meet their specific needs. Each Tripod Module incorporates the latest high output LED technology available including our internal Micro Driver with burst. The Tripod Modules can be used separately as a spot light or they can be used together to create single, double or multiple row linear lights. They can also be used to create large area lights, ring lights or rectangular ring lights. If the end user needs a light in the shape of an “L”, “U” or “S”, that is no problem for the Tripod.

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