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New UV Optics Available

The amount of lens choices available for UV lights has been fairly limited until now. With the formerly high costs of UV LEDs, the demand for such lenses was not enough to encourage manufacturers to produce more options. However, as the prices for UV LEDs decreased the affordability of UV lighting for machine vision rose, and with that, the need for more UV optics grew. For certain inspections involving plastics, paints, glues, etc. UV lighting is still the best machine vision solution. Our UV lights, currently available in 365nm and 395nm (custom wavelengths available upon request) are often used in fluorescence applications. As UV lights became more popular many customers began requesting a tighter lighting pattern than our reflector lenses could offer. Reflector lenses were one of the only choices for UV when machine vision lighting began because they didn't block UV light, today, advances in the industry have allowed us to increase our UV lens options. Applications requiring UV will now have four stock lens options to choose from: our standard 60-degree reflectors, 90-degree reflectors, and our new 12-degree and line optics (also available, but not stocked at this time are 30-degree optics). The new optics are perfect for projects that require both UV and a tight light pattern. For information regarding all our available lens options please check out our complete spec sheet here.

MLUV-12 (12-degree optics for UV)

 UV 12-degree Optics Spectrum IlluminationUV 12-degree Optics Light Pattern Spectrum Illumination MLUV-L (line optics for UV) UV Line Optics Spectrum IlluminationUV Line Optics Light Pattern Spectrum Illumination Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Fill out our contact us form and inquire about your custom lighting needs now.

Conveyor Series Backlights

You asked us to improve our backlights for use in conveyors and we listened. As a leader in machine vision lighting, we knew that this project would be big. So we partnered together with QC Conveyors, a leader in the industry, and designed our conveyor series backlights, the "EBLs" (Embedded Backlights). By eliminating the surface-level hardware, which causes unnecessary wear on the conveyor belts, we were able to come up with a design that was made for any conveyor lighting project. And guess what else? We've updated and improved our red, white, and IR LEDs meaning you're getting the high-quality LEDs you've come to expect from Spectrum Illumination. But don't take our word for it, we back all our products with a 10-year warranty because here at SI we know how valuable your time really is. Want to see our conveyor backlights in action check out this YouTube video from QC Conveyors. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-TnqEVjDhI[/embed] Our EBL lights are available in 2” x 2” to 12” x 12” lighted area sizes (3″ x 3″x .775″ to 13″ x 13″ x .775″ – Conveyor Opening Dimensions). Standard LED color options are Red, White, Blue, Green, and Infrared. Find your Conveyor backlight by visiting our webpage and clicking the "Conveyor Back Lights" tab. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Fill out our contact us form and inquire about your custom lighting solution today.

New Segmented Lighting

MDL29.25 (4-Segment)

Custom Lighting Solutions

As specialists in custom lighting solutions, we've recently seen more interest in segmented or photometric stereo lighting. This type of lighting is able to bring out features that were not possible with a single-source light. What makes these segmented lights special is that they allow users to control each of the 4 sections of the light individually. As a result, it enhances certain aspects of an image allowing them to detect defects that would not be possible with a standard single-source light. Spectrum Illumination now offers this 4-segment option in several of our standard models.

Dome Lights

In our Monster Domes Lights, we can do our DL85, MDL12.25, and MDL29.25 (shown in the image above). The dome models are particularly useful when working with a shiny or reflective part. This is because they use indirect lighting to create a uniform illumination over the area of inspection.

Ring LightsMRL5.5 (4-Segment)

In our Monster Ring Lights, we can do our MRL5.5 (shown in the image below), MRL13.5, and MRL30.5. Ring lights are considered a bright field illuminator. They are often used for direct lighting where they would be aimed at an object to create distinct shadows. This type of lighting is particularly effective when used on objects requiring high degrees of contrast. Another ring light, the RL/DF series, is available in two sizes: 4 inches (RL/DF4) or 8 inches (RL/DF8) and can be ordered to control the 4-segments individually or all as one unit. What makes SI lights special is that anything we sell can be customized to your specific needs and application. If you require a custom LED wavelength or specific CRI in a 4 segmented light or in any light in our product lineup we're the perfect fit for you. Fill out our contact us form or give us a call today at (231) 894-4590 to get started on your next project!

E-Series Linear Lights

E-Series Lights The E-Series was developed to provide a superior high output light at a reasonable price. Our main focus with this line was to design a cost-effective product with our superior technology. This line was specifically targeted at users who are likely new to machine vision or perhaps are working with a more limited budget when it comes to their lighting needs. The E-Series lights contain our built-in patented micro driver technology with auto-burst meaning you don't need an external driver. This burst feature maximizes the output intensity of the LED(s) while maintaining optimum LED life and allowing our customers to avoid the purchase of costly aftermarket strobe controllers or a single-purpose overdrive light source. But we didn't stop there, these lights also allow users to control the intensity manually with a built-in potentiometer. In addition, the E-Series lights also have power, strobe, and temperature indicator LEDs which make their use a breeze and protect them from overheating. Utilizing an all-in-one aluminum circuit board/housing design minimizes thermal losses between substrates meaning there is less color shift and longer LED life than our competitors. Need more convincing? These lights are also the lightest lights in machine vision, making them extremely robot-friendly. Our E-Series lights are available in 4 sizes and a variety of colors: Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Fill out our contact us form and inquire about custom lighting solutions.

New Catalog - Feb. 2021

Our newest product/price catalog is now available for download here.

What's Changed?

Our white (WHI) standard, conveyor, and washdown series backlights just got BRIGHTER and CHEAPER! That's right we improved our LEDs and are cutting prices and passing those savings directly on to our customers. We know how important it is to accurately price out our products, so we do our best to keep price changes to a minimum. However, when we find a way to save money while delivering the same quality you've come to know and love, we believe it's best to pass those savings directly on to our customers. Effective immediately all our white standard, conveyor, and washdown series backlights will be the same price as our best selling 660nm (Red) and 880nm (Infrared) options. We offer a multitude of size options and can do custom sizes upon request. Standard Series: From 1" x 4" (BL14) up to 22" x 28" (BL2228) Conveyor/Embedded Series: From 1" x 4" (EBL14) up to our 12" by 12" (EBL1212) Washdown Series: From 4" x 4" (WBL44) up to 8" by 12" (WBL812) Our backlights are available in 5 different LED colors. Contact us today to ask about how our backlights can work in your next project.

New Product Brochures

New Product Applications, Product Guide and Case Studies   Contact Us if you would like some mailed.

Statement of Line / Product Overview

Learn more about our wide range of products by watching our Statement of Line video. We offer a number of standard products to meet your needs. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Fill out our contact us form and inquire about custom lighting solutions. https://youtu.be/Im1_mqL9vuE   Download Product Application Tri-Fold Brochure Download Product Brochure

Automate 2019 Review

Once again Automate proved to be a successful show for our team. As leaders in Machine Vision Lighting, we attend these types of events to learn from our potential and current customers. We want to provide them the best products to meet their unique and specific needs. We loved hearing about all the amazing ways you use our products and machine vision to improve quality control and efficiency. See you next time in Detriot at Automate 2022!   https://youtu.be/iiT26nz_Dyw  

Spectrum Illumination's Lights Featured in Vision Systems Design

IVS EL150 Light in Action Spectrum Illumination was featured in Vision Systems Design's July/August issue in the article, "Dual Camera System Checks Automotive Electronic Assemblies." It features a company called Industrial Vision Systems, which created a semi-automated Optical Inspection for sealed electrical components. For the inspection of these products, the company utilized two of our products, the MSP1.25-WHI and the EL150-WHI. Both products are excellent performers for Spectrum Illumination. For more information please click the link below or enjoy a short video of the system in action posted by Industrial Vision Systems. For the full article click here Video of the system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uxJzGniHNg  

New Dual Channel Ring Light

    Please join us in welcoming yet another Monster Light to the family. We are proud to announce the release of our brand new dual channel ring light. This ring light allows the customer to have two colors in one light. You can choose from a number of color combinations. The current available options are 365 (UV), 395 (UV), 470 (Blue), 530 (Green), 630 (Red), WHI (Cool White), NWH (Neutral White), WWH (Warm White), 850 and 940 (IR). The new part number is written as follows MRL5.5-XXX/YYY. Package includes light, two LDM 700s, and 4 meter cable at a list price of $1,300. Please contact a distributor near you for exact pricing. This new light is great for applications that require inspecting different colors or features in a product. For example white to locate part and UV to verify glue application.  Please contact us if you have questions regarding the application of this product. For more information about the MRL5.5-XXX/YYY please click here and visit the downloads tab for product spec sheet.

Xtreme linear lights series

Spectrum Illumination would like to introduce our next-generation family of lights, our new X-Series. Our X-Series lights incorporate cutting-edge design features such as a built-in next-generation driver with auto-burst technology.  This line is available in multiple sizes. The XL300 and XL2150 produce >5, 000 lumens continuous and >13,000 lumens in our auto-burst technology making them ideal for high-speed applications.  This series is also available in a spotlight version, the XS40. Other product features include 10VDC analog reverse logic input, manual intensity adjustment, and thermal overload protection. All of these features can be found in our revolutionary new aluminum housing design.  If you are looking for X-treme light intensity, Spectrum Illumination has the answer! Need help with something else? Fill out our contact us form here or pick up the phone and give us a call today at (231) 894-4590.

Dome Lights

https://youtu.be/Pa_vTG5kAu4 Download Product Application Tri-Fold Sheet Download Product Brochure