XL2150 – 150mm (5.905″) Double Row Bar Light with Internal Driver

X-Series Linear Lights are shipped configured with 18° frosted LED optics and clear diffuser.

2 x 150mm Linear Light with White HB LEDs and 3 meter cable


• Internal driver/controller included
• Auto Burst 3.5x Technology
• Ultra-High Power LED’s (24 VDC)
• M12 connector for quick disconnect
• PNP and NPN inputs
• Thermal Protection
• Modular end-to-end design
• Available in 3 colors
• Available in 2 sizes and 40mm Spot Light
• 10 Year Warranty* – 100,000 hours

How to Order a Custom Configuration:

If you would prefer to order fixtures with optional (non-standard) diffusers or lenses: Please select options from the tables below.

Specify Lens type
Type Description List Price
16LED Optics 16 FrostedSTD
23LED Optics 23 Frostedadd $0
39LED Optics 39 Frostedadd $0
LLED Optics Lineadd $0
RLED Reflector 120add $0
R60LED Reflector 60add $0
Specify Diffuser option
Type Description List Price
SDStandard Diffuseradd $25
CCClear CoverSTD
TFDThin Film Diffuseradd $25
WDWhite Diffuseradd $25