Latab Lights

LAT elektronik AB (LED Array Technology) was founded in 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden. Starting as a consultancy for image processing technology, the company soon became a specialist for customer-specific lighting solutions in the area of machine vision. As part of the German Polytec Organization (Spectrum Illumination’s Master European Distributor), LATAB today offers an outstanding variety of standard products and is known for its high degree of flexibility and short lead times, even for customer-specific developments.

Latab offers a variety of products including ring lights, dark field lights, spot lights, modular line lights, coaxial lights, front lights, back lights, dome lights, and tunnel lights. In conjunction with these products they sell controllers used to help maximize the life time of the LEDs and adjust light intensity. For more information regarding their products please visit Polytec’s website by clicking here.

Line lights – with fresnel lens

The image above is a Latab Line Light with Fresnel lens. This line light series is designed for line scan camera applications. It produces a very thin light beam of 4 mm width. The standard working distance is 40 mm. The light lengths range from 58 to 788 mm. Custom lengths are available upon request. Click the photo for a link to this product page on the Polytec website.

To download the Latab catalog please click link below:

Latab Catalog PDF (2.4MB)