Conveyor Back Lights

Conveyor Series Back Lights are a direct fit & approved for QC Conveyors. Available in 2” x 2” to 12” x 12” lighted area sizes. (3″ x 3″x .775″ to 13″ x 13″ x .775″ – Conveyor Opening Dimensions) Back lights are used in a wide variety of machine vision applications to provide contrast for part inspection or robot orientation. The contrast from the back light allows for better resolution from the vision system than reflective lighting can provide. Back Lights are 24 Volt DC industrial standard.  Back Lights have strobe or continuous output. Available in 660-Red, WHI-White, 470-Blue, 530-Green and 880-Infrared.

See QC Conveyor AS40 Backlight Conveyors   

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• QC Conveyor direct fit & approved
• No driver required
• HS (High Speed) Strobe Technology
• Low Profile
• No surface screws
• Direct Connect 24 VDC
• M12 connector for quick disconnect
• Available in 4 colors and Infrared
• Available in 25+ sizes plus custom sizes
• 10 Year Warranty* – 100,000 hours