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Automate 2019 Review

Spectrum Illumination's Lights Featured in This Month's Issue of Vision Systems Design

Spectrum Illumination was featured in Vision Systems Design's July/August issue in the article, "Dual Camera System Checks Automotive Electronic Assemblies." It features a company called Industrial Vision Systems, that created a semi-automated Optical Inspection for sealed electrical components. For the inspection of these products the company utilized two of our products, the MSP1.25-WHI and the EL150-WHI. Both products are excellent performers for Spectrum Illumination. For more information please click the link below or enjoy a short video of the system in action posted by Industrial Vision Systems. For the full article click here Video of the system:

New Dual Channel Ring Light

    Please join us in welcoming yet another Monster Light to the family. We are proud to announce the release of our brand new dual channel ring light. This ring light allows the customer to have two colors in one light. You can choose from a number of color combinations. The current available options are 365, 395, 470, 530, 630, WHI, NWH, and WWH. This light is also available in IR in limited combinations, please contact us for more information. The new part number is written as follows MRL5.5-XXX/YYY. Package includes light, two LDM 700s, and 4 meter cable at a list price of $1,300. Please contact a distributor near you for exact pricing. This new light is great for applications that require inspecting different colors or features in a product. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the application of this product. For more information about the MRL5.5-XXX/YYY please click here and visit the downloads tab for product spec sheet.

Xtreme linear lights series

Spectrum Illumination would like to introduce you to our next generation family of lights, our new X series. Our X series lights incorporate cutting edge design features such as a built-in next generation driver with burst.  The XL300 and XL2150 produce >5, 000 lumens continuous and >13,000 lumens in burst, ideal for high speed applications.  Other product features include 10VDC analog reverse logic input, manual intensity adjustment, and thermal overload protection. All of these features can be found in our revolutionary new aluminum housing design.  If you are looking for eXtreme light intensity, Spectrum Illumination has the answer!  More specifications and details here.

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