Automate 2017 Begins

With Automate beginning this week, Spectrum Illumination is looking forward to showing off our lights. We will be displaying a wide variety of our products this year. Some lights are small like our MRL2.5-630 while others are large like our MLL157.5-WHI. As “The LARGEST in Machine Vision Lighting” we are very proud of the wide variety of colors and sizes that we make available to our customers.

The feature lights of this years exhibit are part of the Xtreme Monster Series. With your choice of 3 different lights. The first is a small, but powerful spot light, the XS40-WHI. While the other Xtreme Monster lights are linear. Available in two sizes the XL300-WHI (300 mm) or the XL2150-WHI (2 x 150 mm). These lights feature a built-in-driver, an aluminum housing, and a robot friendly weight. At only 3.88 oz (110g) for the XS40, 17 oz (470g) for the XL300, and 12 oz (340g) for the XL2150 these lights are lighter and brighter than anything else on the market.